Iroko Worktop 40mm Block

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Iroko Hardwood Worktop Information: 100% solid Iroko "A" grade is used to make this hardwood worktop. The staves used to make up the hardwood worktop are 40mm thick and ranging from 38 - 42mm wide depending on supplier. All our hardwood worktops are in the white (unfinished) and square edged to allow the customer / fitter to apply their own desired profile. They are sanded to a fine 150grit and ready to be oiled or finished with the product of your choice. 

Our hardwood worktops are all individually shrink wrapped. Iroko is a natural product and vulnerable to movement caused by moisture levels in the air, the individual shrink wrap helps to minimise the risk of a hardwood worktop bending before it is sealed with your chosen finish. The blocks of random length 40mm thick solid Iroko are finger jointed together length ways and edge glued together across the worktop. 

Iroko Kitchen Worktop Appearance: 100% solid Iroko "A" grade is used to make this hardwood worktop. The random length staves give a classic block work appearance. The A face of our top quality Iroko kitchen worktops has no defects. 

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